Brake system

  • Brake disks
  • Brake pads

Reliable brakes are key to safe driving

ABSEL brake system components are manufactured on a state-of the-art 100% automated production line meeting all the respectively applicable standards and OEM requirements.

The massive automation through the production allows avoiding any human factor and ensuring maximum accuracy in view of the original product standards.

The ABSEL brand range of goods includes:

  • Brake discs, ventilated and solid
  • Brake pads, drum and classical type    

for cars manufactured by European, Korean, Japanese and American brands.

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Advantages of ABSEL
brake disks

Short braking distance
due to stable coefficient of friction over the entire range of operating temperatures, pressures and speeds
High precision manufacturing
from the best raw materials
The average service life
is up to 80,000 km, depending on the driving style.

Advantages of ABSEL
brake pads

Optimal coefficient
of friction and high efficiency
Excellent resistance
to any external adverse factors
Reduced wear
of the friction material
The average service life
is 40,000 km