• Stabilizer bushings
  • Steering rods/steering tips
  • Silent blocks
  • Suspension arms
  • Ball joints
  • Supports/pillows
  • Repair kits

Good steering control and suspension will always boost your confidence at the wheel

Your car chassis contains many parts that are under constant dynamic stress. This explains why ABSEL suspension and steering parts are manufactured especially carefully to make sure these elements are wear-resistant and reliable.

Unstable climate conditions, the road surface and the car operation length – all these factors are taken into account when designing, selecting raw materials, and manufacturing ABSEL parts.

To help you feel confident while driving, all the parts installed must meet the OEM requirements and quality standards.

The wide range of ABSEL suspension and steering parts – from suspension arms to repair kits – will do nothing less than add to the safety on the road.

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Advantages you get with ABSEL
Suspension and Steering Parts

Setting accuracy
Full compliance with OE standards and specifications