Gergiler ve Makaralar

  • Alternatör Filibir Kavrama
  • V Oluklu Kayış için Kayış Gergisi
  • Gear, Camshaft
  • Dişli, Krank Mili
  • Avara/Saptırma Kasnağı
  • Triger Kayışı Gergi Kasnağı
  • Zamanlama Gergisi

The best your engine can get!

Bearings are well-known to be the main elements in rollers and mechanical tensioners, and it is the quality of the bearing that is decisive for the entire unit durability. This explains why our company employs an especially precise and careful manufacturing process when it comes to this particular part of the tensioner roller and idler roller. 

With bearings supplied by the world’s best manufacturers, ABSEL keeps a truly sharp eye on the precision class of the manufactured parts, namely, the bearing radial and the axial clearances. The minimal values in the clearance measurements serve proof to the quality that ABSEL products are proud of.

Kataloğu indir


Quality raw materials
To manufacture our parts, we use high-quality steel and high-strength plastic, which are behind a long service life.
Precise bearing rejection process based on quality class
All our bearings are carefully selected so as to never let any be beyond C3 Class. ABSEL bearings use an extremely plastic lubricant, which is aimed at reducing the noise from the idler rollers, removing the thermal load and yet keeping the bearing effective on friction surfaces even at high rotations.