Brake system

Safety and comfort of your every driving

ABSEL brake discs
Road safety
ABSEL brake discs provide a short braking distance and effective friction with brake pads. This is particularly crucial during emergency braking, where seconds can save lives.
High driving comfort
ABSEL brake discs ensure smooth and nearly noiseless braking, creating comfortable conditions for drivers and passengers. This is especially important in urban traffic, where frequent braking can be unpleasant and tiring.
Durability and savings
The use of high-grade steel in manufacturing, along with heat-resistant coating, enhances anti-corrosion properties and ensures prolonged usage of ABSEL brake discs, leading to reduced replacement intervals.
High precision
manufacture using the best materials
braking path due to stable friction factor through the entire range of the operating temperatures, pressures and speeds
Brake pads
40 000 + km verage service life
Utilizating of contemporary composite materials in ABSEL brake pads enhances the durability of the friction material-to-frame connection, preventing brake fluid boiling.
The material’s flexibility guarantees minimal wear on the brake disc, preventing the appearance of grooves and scratches on its surface.
A brief braking distance is achieved due to a consistent coefficient of friction across various working temperatures, pressures, and speeds, while the addition of a noise-absorbing coating ensures smoothness and quietness.
The Black Collection series comes in an exclusive plastic packaging, which not only ensures reliable protection against moisture, corrosion, and external damages, but also facilitates convenient unpacking and repackaging of the discs while maintaining their product appearance.

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