Shock absorber parts

Shock absorber parts

Comfort without limits

ABSEL shock absorbers and air springs, in addition to ensuring a comfortable and smooth ride by dampening vibrations and shocks that occur when the car is moving, use all the controllability and safety potential laid down by the car manufacturer, as they are designed in accordance with the parameters and requirements of OEM manufacturers.

ABSEL shock absorbers extend vehicle life, reduce wear on tires and brake system components

  • ABSEL springs

    Controllability and smoothness

    ABSEL suspension springs are produced using cold-wound technology from 54SiCr6 steel and fully comply with the European quality standard EN 10089, which allows us to provide affordable prices with a high level of quality. ABSEL springs, produced using the most modern coiling technologies, will ensure your comfort throughout the entire journey.

  • Pneumatic cylinders ABSEL

    Reliability without compromise

    The alloys used in the manufacture of ABSEL air springs have been tested by hundreds of hours of testing in a salt chamber and show the highest levels of corrosion resistance. A special rubber formulation with increased acid resistance and high-quality cord materials provide the user with excellent operational reliability in difficult road conditions, temperature changes and chemically aggressive environments, providing high comfort and stable handling both off-road and on the highway.

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Shock absorber product


  • Twin-pipe gas shock absorbers
  • Twin-tube telescopic gas shock absorbers
Shock absorber product


  • Air suspension shock absorbers with or without electronic control
  • Air springs
Shock absorber product


  • Monotube telescopic gas shock absorbers