Windshield Washer Fluid

Windshield washer fluid

Winter windshield washer fluid
Excellent visibility in any weather

ABSEL non-freezing winter windshield washer fluid with grapefruit and melon aroma quickly and effectively removes snow, ice, dirt, road reagents from car windows and headlights, leaving no streaks and residue on surfaces, enhances safety on the road, improving visibility while driving. Fluid formulas meet all safety requirements and are harmless to the driver, headlight plastic and paintwork.

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Safe for the driver
Safe for headlights and plastics
Leaves no streaks
An effective solution on hot days
Summer windshield washer fluid

Summer is a time of frequent travel and intense heat. ABSEL fluid with Bubble Gum flavor is your reliable companion for perfect visibility during this period. It thoroughly removes dirt, insects and other contaminants, ensuring clean windows and excellent visibility, and its formula provides effective cleaning at high summer temperatures.

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