ABSEL windshield wiper blades: clean windshield in any weather!

Dear partners! We announce a large arrival of ABSEL windshield wiper blades to the warehouses of the company. ABSEL wiper blades are presented in AERO (frameless) and STEEL (frame) lines. Wiper blades are available for all popular car brands in sizes from 14 to 28 inches. You can buy these car goods in sets and piece by piece.

ABSEL wiper blades are manufactured using high quality rubber compound with graphite coating, which guarantees not only excellent acoustic comfort, but also a high degree of durability. These wiper blades quickly and qualitatively clean the car windshield from any contaminants and ensure perfect visibility.

New! ABSEL Black Collection brake disks are already on sale!

Dear partners! We present you a new exclusive line of ABSEL Black Collection brake disks! ABSEL brake disks from Black Collection guarantee safe and smooth braking, and the use of exclusive plastic packaging ensures the safety of the goods until the moment of use.

The use of high-class steel in production, as well as coloring with heat-resistant paint increases anti-corrosion properties and ensures long service life of ABSEL brake disks, which leads to reduced replacement intervals.

ABSEL brake disks - safety and comfort of your every trip.

ABSEL springs are already in stock!

ABSEL springs provide not only smooth running, absorbing road surface irregularities, but also stability and controllability of the car. These car components are responsible for balancing the car during braking and provide a stable braking distance, all other things being equal. Car suspension springs are crucial for safe handling and a comfortable ride.

ABSEL springs are produced by cold coiling technology from 54SiCr6 steel, and fully comply with the European quality standard EN 10089.
And the application of the latest achievements of metallurgy allows us to guarantee affordable prices at a high level of quality, as well as to provide spare parts for cars of various brands and models.
The warranty period for this product group is 24 months or 60 000 km of mileage (depending on what comes first).

ABSEL springs, produced by the most modern technologies, will provide you with comfort during the whole journey.

ABSEL spark plugs. Maximize the engine's potential.

We are pleased to announce that a wide range of ABSEL spark plugs are now available to order. The quality of spark plugs plays a crucial role in overall engine performance and efficiency. By switching to ABSEL spark plugs with advanced electrode technology, drivers can experience smoother acceleration, improved fuel efficiency, lower emissions and longer life.

With superior quality and reliability, ABSEL spark plugs ensure longevity and optimal engine performance, making them a smart choice for drivers who want the best for their vehicles.

You can pick up spark plugs from the Power, Platinum and Iridium series.

ABSEL - maximize your engine's potential!

ABSEL Brand at AUTOMECHANIKA DUBAI 2023: A Remarkable Milestone!

ABSEL brand proudly participated in the momentous 20th-anniversary edition of AUTOMECHANIKA DUBAI 2023. As the Middle East's largest international automotive aftermarket exhibition, it showcased a dazzling array of automotive innovations with representatives from 61 countries bringing forth their offerings. This grand event, held from October 2 to 4 at the esteemed World Trade Center, drew the attention of over 52,000 discerning attendees.

Our esteemed visitors at the ABSEL booth were introduced to our extensive range of spare parts and technical fluids, celebrated for their hallmark qualities: quality, reliability, durability, and cutting-edge technologies. They were also brought up to speed on the latest trends and innovations in the ever-evolving automotive industry. ABSEL team successfully forged new business partnerships, cemented contracts with international collaborators, and deepened their insights into the dynamics of the modern automotive sector.

ABSEL batteries are already on sale!

Dear partners! We are glad to inform you that ABSEL brand batteries are on sale now. High-tech premium class batteries meet international quality and safety standards. ABSEL batteries comply with European standards and are produced in factories certified and compliant with international quality standards ISI/IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001.

ABSEL batteries are manufactured using modified SLI / AGM technologies. The use of innovative calcium (Ca) alloy grids provide increased resistance to vibration and instant engine start-up and reliable power supply in all conditions, ensuring high performance over a wide temperature range. Having our own testing center guarantees quality control at all stages of the production process. All ABSEL batteries have a safe and maintenance-free design.