Quality spare parts.
Reliable partnership.
Together we can do more!
Advantages that we provide:
Flexible pricing system for your maximum profit
Deep inventory in our own warehouses
Prompt delivery at the right time, in the right volumes
All ABSEL products have certificates of conformity for sale
Providing a database of cross-numbers to the articles in the Distributor's order
Assistance in forming an order depending on the fleet of your region
In addition, you will get
  • Individual financial terms of cooperation depending on the volume of purchased products
  • Nearly 20,000 part numbers for the professional repair and maintenance of modern vehicles
  • Full marketing support, providing of reference and promotional materials
  • Full technical support for the installation and use of ABSEL products
  • High quality products with extended warranty
Quality spare parts
ABSEL spare parts are manufactured in full compliance with the same quality standards as OEM products, including our own innovative solutions and developments. This allows you to guarantee the safety of operation of the car and comfort on any trip.
Reliable partnership
Cooperating with us, you get not only an honest, reliable supplier, but also a partner who is interested in the success of your business. Constant monitoring of market needs, tracking the desires of consumers and the search for innovative solutions help us offer products that will be in demand now and in the future.

To find the perfect partner, we consider the following criteria:

Number of clients / outlets
Warehouse capacity
Financial stability
Number of staff
Experience in aftermarket
Form başarıyla gönderildi.
Temsilcimiz en kısa sürede sizinle iletişime geçecektir.
Together we will do everything
to make ABSEL quality
available worldwide !

Submit an application to become our distributor.

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